Writing Process Blog Tour!

Hi all! So, I was tagged by the kind and generous Justin Herd to be a part of the Writing Process Blog Hop! And, because we writers love talking about our processes and reading about others, I’m psyched to be a part of it. Thanks Justin!

Ready? Okay go.


I am thrilled to be working on something new! It’s a Diverse Literary Magical Realism that has a crush on Woman’s Fiction. It’s still figuring itself out, you see. Best not rush such fragile blooms. My MC, Lorena from South Carolina, has a dark and haunted past, no one to trust and no where to go. But when she meets an old man in Charleston who can fly, he gives her a magical gift, which takes her on a healing journey on foot through S.C.  It’s sort of an Eat Pray Love self discovery with magic meets Carlos Castaneda’s Don Juan meets After Midnight by Blink 182. I really love it so far.  The first draft is done and now I’m editing. Plus, I have another to edit and another as well, and this and that one to write, and…you get the drift. I’m prolific as hell on roller skates on a skating rink that never ends. 🙂


I am a poet, published in several literary journals and university presses etc, and a literary voice comes very naturally to me. My voice is different, I think, and reflects the dead poets in my head clamoring for resurrection. Combining what I know of cadence, rhythm, poetic style, interweaving it with the narrative, makes it somewhat unique (I hope :). I’m also very philosophical, have been since I was 12 and stealing Shakespeare from my local library (I know–bad poet!), and my love for existentialism blossomed from To Be or Not to Be, which adds another dimension to my work, a sort of deeper river running just under the words lying in wait for one who sees the little secrets hiding beneath. Plus, i’m Canadian. We’re all super weird. 🙂


Because look around, this world is a magical place burgeoning with beauty, love, music, deep and essential history, all of which comes out in my writing. I write what I write because my words are an extension of my self–and baby, I just gotta be me.


Well, due to my having 5 tiny humans, I wake up at 3:00-3:30 every single day. I press the coffee button and eat a banana. lol We are getting very in-depth here, people. I surf twitter, facebook and QT while drinking my Joe, then, I meditate for 30 minutes, which sometimes conjures my best and most fertile ideas. Now it’s time to write. Sometimes I work on two pages for many hours, sometime 50 pages comes easy, it all depends on the day. Oh, and I’m a proud pantser! I love not knowing where the story’s heading, crying and gasping along with my characters. It takes me about 6-7 weeks to draft, and about 3 months to edit. I work 3 days a week as an elder care nursing assistant/home care worker, but four of those days I get to write. It’s the best thing ever, you know, it’s living the dream!

So that’s it, thank you for coming. 🙂

Now, please step right up and give a huge round of applause for the amazing, the one and only, Miss Breeana Shields who is next of the tag list.

Write on,

K. A. Reynolds


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