Just Pimpin’ My Bio, Yo

Greetings, my fellow Pitchwarsians. So, for those who may be unaware of the grandeur and glory that is the incomparable Miss Brenda Drake’s Pitch Wars, here is a link explaining why you should enter this most amazing contest.

I should know, I was lucky enough to be Mina Vaughn’s Mentee last year for another MS.  She helped it along a great deal (please, run, don’t walk to her Blog and pick her as your mentor! because, you know, Homeys help Homeys, always). Last year’s experience was . . . no words for how thrilling it was to see my name on the mentee list (Mina, you know I love you forever, right?)! She saw something in my words and, as a writer, you know how good that feels. And now here I am again with another story to pimp to y’all, a lovely tale full of magic and magical realism wrapped in a literary bow (I am a poet you see and for my rare affliction, I’m afraid there is no cure).

Now . . . a few things about me and LE CIRQUE DU LITERATI. It will appeal to readers of Night Circus and those who loved the revolutionary poetic heart of Dead Poet’s Society.  Above the clouds in a city that should not exist, there is a circus where genius artists and poets, Russian mustachios, ne’er-do-wells, creators and eternal dreamers believe in fearlessly following their hearts, for better or worse. We artists deserve a Utopia free from ignorance, free from nay sayers and dream squashers, don’t we? Well, I have built you such a place. And it it inside this walled artist’s paradise and beneath the lavender sun and blood red moon where two 16 year old best friends, Josephine and Nikolai, find love in a time of hate and must face their personal demons to gain access to achieving their dreams.

So, fellow Artisan, if you are brave enough, please take my hand and hop the train to the circus of the mind, leave your brown-box of routine in the dust and join me and my friends on their journey toward making their dreams reality.

Sounds magical, right?

Alas, I am sorry to say we’ve come to the bit about me. I know, I’m not at all as fascinating as a freaks and geeks circus for literati types, but there are a few things about me you need to know, if only for utilitarian purposes.

1. I am a published poet (literary journals, university presses), and have thousands of poems nobody will ever read.

2. I am the steam roller with a brick on the pedal, the runaway train of drive. Set me to a task, and I promise there will be ink spilled and lanterns on into the dead of night! I don’t get up at 3:30 a.m to write for nothing, you know.

3. I am a nice Canadian girl who helps the elderly cross streets for a living (translation: elder care worker and nursing assistant) and used to work at the Humane Society (cat lady, here), and have grown quite good at herding my five children and Weimeraner and two cats between solace and fray.

4. I dream of one day owning a jet-pack and if you wish to read my book I might just let you come along.

5. My favorite authors are Antoine de Saint-Exupery for his philosophical genius and rare literary prose, Milan Kundera–also genius, Stephen King (Dark Tower Style), Haruki Murakami (my glob, he is the MAN!), Laini Taylor (DOBAB!), and of course, Miss J.K Rowling, and many many more. And poets–oh! how I love poets: Rimbaud, Eliot, Rumi, Hafiz, Basho, Rilke, Shakespeare (duh!), more.

6. So, if you like kind poetic Canadian girls who smile a lot and work hard and write every day, love kids, animals and the elderly and writing and dreaming and literary circus’s (where all animals live as free and wild as their humans) and literature and fantastic places and new undiscovered worlds, please, don’t be afraid, I know the way! Pick me as your Mentee, and my story will love you forever.

Check out all the entrant’s blogs HERE for the mentee blog hop! We’re all pretty awesome. 🙂

And now everybody clap for my brilliant Artist supreme good friend Mr. Loui Jover, whose art I choose for all my sites and blog because, well, just look at it, it’s brilliance incarnate. This piece employs one of my favorite poets (who makes an appearance in my Le Cirque du Literati) Rimbaud. So, fare-thee-well, enjoy living your wild life and always, thank you for reading, do come again.



17 thoughts on “Just Pimpin’ My Bio, Yo

  1. So you know: you dear Canadian friend, make no non-sense-of-something-in-words, but I know I’ve been called, time and time again, absurd (with all its self-explanatory synonyms: preposterous, ridiculous, ludicrous, farcical, laughable, risible, idiotic, stupid, foolish, silly, inane, imbecilic, insane, harebrained, cockamamie). And still so you know: I love all your writings that ever “touched” my eyes… and this does not make much sense either, other than a sheer sense of wonder.

  2. *raises hand* I like kind Canadian poets!!! 🙂 (And I’m a fan of Eliot too, so you had me with that.)

    Best of luck in Pitch Wars this year!

  3. As always, you have a way with words. ❤ I love you and your literary awesomeness! And I've read her story, y'all. It's effing AMAZEBALLS.

  4. Ahhh, I would love to read this. My PW ms is a YA historical, but I’ve also written a literary mashup of historical and magical realism in the past, so I can relate. Best of luck in PW!!

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