Like a Virgin Blog Hop!

Welcome to the LV14 BLOG HOP for the Like a Virgin Pitch Contest, hosted by Rhiann Wynn-Nolan and Kristina Perez. 


So here are the questions and my answers on firsts!

1. How do you remember your first kiss?

Mmm, my first kiss was all sweaty palms and stars, rustling leaves and butterflies. It was summer and he was lovely. Sweet, beautiful. 

2. What was your first favorite love song?

Oh man, I can’t remember! But John Mayer’s Edge of Desire is…yummy. 

3. What’s the first thing you do when you begin writing for the day?

Mess around on twitter and facebook for a bit while drinking coffee. Then meditate, then eat a piece of dark chocolate and get my head in the writing game. Some days it takes me a while to switch my gears, but mostly I just dive right in and go; it really depends on the voices in my head that day. Disembodied voices have schedules too, you know,

4. Who’s the first writer to inspire you to become a writer?

Antoine de Saint-Exupery and Stephen King. The Little Prince stole my heart at eight. King handed it back to me on a bloody plate and showed me how to make it beat. 

5. Did the final revision of your first book have the same first chapter it started with? 


6. For your first book, which came first: major characters, plot, or setting?

 My first book was a very personal memoir, which I pretty much wrote just for me. It includes all of the above.

7. What’s the first word you want to roll off the tip of someone’s tongue when they think of your writing?


 Can’t wait to read everyone’s answers! Check out everyone’s answers HERE


 Good luck in the contest, guys!


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